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Most of the 350 periodicals in Spain have only a small circulation. Among the few high circulation magazines are Pronto and Hola, the "prensa del corazón" ( press of the heart), selling 877,000 and 597,000 copies per month respectively. Hola has other editions in other countries, for example Hello in the UK.

Pronto, Hola, Lecturas, Semana, etc comentate on the lives of the rich and famous - TV and pop stars, European royalty, the Spanish aristocracy, politicians and public figures. In the main they avoid scandals, and portray the better side of their selected personalitites.

Sports magazines, women’s magazines (e.g. there is a Spanish edition of Cosmopolitan), TV listings magazines all have monthly circulations. Current affairs magazine such as Época, give in-depth coverage of news stories in Spain and abroad.






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Newspapers in Spain