English Language Newspapers in Spain

Costa Blanca Regional Newspaper in Spain

There are a number of English Language newspapers in Spain, manily on the Medirreanean Coast, the Balearics and the4 Canary islands, in other words where the ex-pat British are living.

These English language papers tend to be internet versions of the printed version of that paper. There tends to be quite a churn in these papers as they come an go from our computer screens.

Balearics Diario Menorca Minorca
  Ibiza Sun Ibiza
  Majorca Daily Bulletin Majorca
Canary Islands El Sun News Canary Islands
  Fuerte News Fuerteventura
  Island Connections Canary Islands
  Lanzarote Gazette Lanzarote
  Living Tenerife Tenerife
  Sunny Fuerteventura Fuerteventura
  Tenerife News Tenerife
  Tenerife Sun Tenerife
Catalonia Barcelona Reporter Barcelona
  Barcelona Metropolitan Barcelona
  Catalonia Today Barcelona
  Time Out Barcelona Barcelona
Costa Blanca Costa Blanca News Costa Blanca
  Costa Blanca Leader Costa Blanca
  Inland Trader Valencia
  Round Town News Costa Blanca

This is Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca
  Valencia World Valencia
  CB Friday Costa Blanca
Costa del Sol Andalucia Magazine Costa del Sol
  Costa Daily News Costa del Sol
  Costa del Sol News Costa del Sol
  Essential Marbella Marbella
  Euro Weekly News (Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa de Almeria & Mallorca) Costa del Sol
  H! Society Costa del Sol
  Sol Talk Costa del Sol
  Sur in English Southern Spain Costa del Sol
Madrid In Madrid Madrid
  Time Out Madrid Madrid
Spain Broadsheet Spain
  Expatica Spain Spain
  Think Spain Spain
  Typically Spanish Spain


Newspapers in Spain